Prior to pursuing a career in real estate, Natalie Mecum worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant. As much as she enjoyed that journey, she felt like something was missing. Months after getting her real estate license she found that missing piece. She still gets to fulfill one of her deepest passions, helping others, but now it’s in a different way – finding and build their dream home.

Natalie’s enthusiasm to connect with her customers and guide them through the home buying process, while making the journey fun, exciting and stress-free, is what makes her an ideal New Home Specialist. Providing a space of comfort and trust, while understanding her customers’ needs is top priority for Natalie.

When she is not helping others find and build their dream home, Natalie loves to travel and adventure to new places. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, especially her dog, Paisley and two cats, Zoie and Zia.